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Maine and the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship – October 2009
October 9, 2009, 1:28 pm
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What more can I say?

What more can I say? Maine at it's best.

Halfway across the country with a halfway completed canoe on the rack.

Halfway across the country with a halfway completed canoe on the rack.

My journey to Maine was long and relatively uneventful.  I did however get a chance to visit with friends along the way.  I’m fortunate to have the friends that I do, and I’ve already started to get to know the other Fellows here at the CFC.  Two nights ago, we went out to a fantastic dinner at a restaurant in Camden, Maine called Francine’s. During our meal, Adam Peterson, a furniture maker from Minneapolis, Minnesota talked about the value of fine furniture as it related to the fine artisan meal we were consuming.  He talked about the wonderful patrons that he’s had who have supported his craft.  He commented that they truly value the experience of owning something made to a high level of refinement and care.  I couldn’t agree more.  In this day and age of instant and fast, the object that is carefully and well made, stands out.  And to the discerning, it is worth every penny.  After all, the experience of owning fine furniture is not exclusive to the original purchaser’s lifetime.  It will long out live him or her. It will carry on functionally, but also build its own independent history.  Isn’t that why it’s called an heirloom?  It weaves us together, generation to generation.

Rockport, Maine

Rockport, Maine

Community of Craft

Community of Craft

Studio Fellowships at the Center allow for studio space, on-site materials for purchase, and 24 hour access to incredible woodworking facilities.  In return, one is simply to contribute 6 hours of service time per week to the Center.  This can include anything from being a gallery monitor, to lawn maintenance, to sorting lumber into the lumber racks.   At the end of the day when you work side by side contributing, you quickly become a part of this wonderful community.


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