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Progress on the Bamboo Canoe
October 17, 2009, 3:05 pm
Filed under: Bamboo Canoe

I’ve been getting a lot done in my time here.  Since my last posting, I’ve finished glassing the exterior of the hull, and have flipped the canoe over to scrape and glass the interior.

Flipped over and strapped down for scraping

Scraping away!!

Unlike the exterior, I’m only going to put one to two coats of resin on the interior.  This will leave the weave texture of the glass raised for grip.  While all of this was curing this past week, I’ve been starting in on the gunwales, thwart, decks, and the paddle.

I’ll have more pictures soon.

In the process of glassing the interior, a bit tricky.

notice the weave


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Tom, it looks so great. The color really does come out with the fiberglass. When are you planning on putting it in the water?

Comment by Ric

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