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Progress and “Completion”
October 29, 2009, 12:01 pm
Filed under: Bamboo Canoe

Fairing/smoothing the edge of the hull to accept the gunwales.

Inwales are fitted and trimmed to the stems first, and then glued and clamped to the hull.

Decks were fitted and brass screws placed through the walls of the hull and through the in-wales prior to glueing up the out-wales.

Two layers of varnish (for now...I'll complete 5-6 total before it's done.) and she's ready for the first float.

Finished and ready to float.

It’s been almost two week since my last post.  It was a mad push.  I had set a personal goal to float the BambooCanoe in Maine, and part of that goal was to float it with my two kids for the first time.  The day after the last post, Shelli and the kids flew into Portland for a week-long visit.  Basically, I had to get the boat suitable to float by Thursday the 22nd, because we had plans to drive down the coast for a weekend getaway on Friday the 23rd.  So I’ve been finishing the boat late into the nights, and spending time with the family during the days…burning the candle from both ends.  I’ve also been packing myself up to leave the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship, which I did on the 27th.  Needless to say, its been an intense two weeks and in hindsight,  quite an amazing month.  I know this blog has been mostly about the BambooCanoe, but I have much to share about the amazing people I’ve been grateful to meet during my time in Maine, but I’ve had a few request to get more up about the boat.  As I’m en route driving back to Kansas, I’m limiting this post to an update on the BambooCanoe.  Please stay tuned to see the video of the first launching also.  I’m having to reformat the video for up-loading.


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